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About Us

Celebrating 13 years in business - Summer 2023/24 ! 

Long time friends and founders, Skye Hollingsworth (Hollie) & Claire Harris (Harrie) are joined together by a love of the sunny outdoors and family life.

We adore the beach and outdoors but dread the sunburn. We are very 'sun smart' but find the existing beach tents on the market too stifling, provide no natural air flow and our children do not enjoy sitting in them.

And so back in 2010 we designed the Sombrilla as our first product. Stylish and extremely practical, children love playing (and adults love to relax!) under the shade provided by the Sombrilla and 95% UV protection will give you added peace of mind.

Since release of the Sombrilla sales both locally in Australia and internationally ( Japan, Canada, South America, South Africa ,USA, UK, Europe and New Zealand ) have increased each year with many sales to existing satisfied customers and the Sombrilla is now a common sight on many beaches around the world .

In February 2017 Hollie & Harrie was purchased by Australia's largest importer and wholesaler of Beach Shade and Beach furniture - "The Beachkit Group" and is based on the Sunny Mornington Peninsula close to Melbourne, Australia and is able to deliver their 'sun protection' collection right around the world. Chairs, loungers, bags , beach carts ,towels and much more was added to the offer.

In September 2019 Hollie and Harrie launched their 2nd product : The Retro Fringe 210cm Umbrella using the unique Sombrilla fabrics , this adds an alternative shade product to our offer.

Celebrating 13 years in business - Summer 2023/24 ! 

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